Interequip is a Mexican company founded in 1965. In its early years, Interequip began representing two companies dedicated to the manufacturing of equipment, spare parts and castings and forged rolls for rolling processes in the flat metal steel industry. From then until the late 80's, Interequip has increased the number of companies represented in Mexico, offering a wide variety of equipment and extensive solutions.

In the early 90's Interequip entered the wire industry, including from the begining companies with extensive experience in various processes.

Since then we have increased the diversity and quality of equipment and solutions, giving our customers the facility to meet all their needs and expectations from the beginning until the end of their processes.

Interequip ideology has always focused on 3 key points:

  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Honesty

Taking care of these points has given us the opportunity to maintain an excellent relationship with both customers and suppliers for over 40 years.